We carry out communication projects that optimize the link between people and spaces.

We operate on physical spaces, making them friendly, accessible and understandable environments.

Each space is a new place of exploration, which invites us to get to know it, interpret it and give it a voice.


Strategic communication & branding

Research & HCD
Strategy mapping
Brand Architecture

Characterization of spaces & environmental graphics

Environmental Branding
Characterization of Spaces
Interactive Design Systems
Interactive Design Systems
Project Management

Signage systems & information design

Signage systems
Information architecture
Information Design
Production management
Direction and advice of work

How we do it

At what stages can we have a positive impact?

In initial instances, supporting research processes by applying UX and people-centred design techniques;

In meta-project or pre-project instances, nourishing project decisions in an interdisciplinary and collaborative way;

In architectural and urban projects already finished that require communication in space or applied art;

Opportunity and discovery
We enter a project from the detection of concrete needs in a reading of the contextual reality, or forming part of projects channelled by architects or direct clients.


We carry out research (HCD) with an empathic approach to users, detecting motivations, expectations, needs and behaviours; at the same time we analyse functions, demands and contextual and spatial conditioning factors.


We arrive at a diagnosis resulting from the analysis of pre-experience, experiential experience and post-experience. We define the concept and the strategy that will guide the project, supported by the value proposal and the project objectives.


Preliminary draft
We plan the narrative and temporality of the experience. We design the flows, circulations, information architecture and interaction design. We devise and generate prototypes for ergonomic validation and contextual ideas.


We materialize ideas. We design the information and model it to present it with the greatest possible fidelity to the client and then evaluate its viability. We perform calculations, plan deadlines, evaluate costs and document through matrices and final prototyping.

We evaluate samples and monitor the implementation and assembly processes in the work monitoring. We evaluate the performance of the parts and perform quality control of execution. Finally, we validate the experience based on contextual tests.



Inplace is made up of a team of people with common motivations and passion for what we do. We believe in collaborative and interdisciplinary work and we like to be part of projects where many actors come together. We were also united by our joint dedication as teachers and mentors in the area of ​​design, communication and user experience, a space in which we renew energy, learn and teach about this exercise that we are passionate about.

Nacho Sbarra

Art director / Partner

Mariela D´Angelo

Strategic director / Partner

Cristian Belloro

Creative director / Partner

Victoria Villalobos

Senior designer

Micaela Quarin

Senior designer

Agustina Villalón

Senior designer