Lux Create™ by Inplace

Clocktower Square es un vibrante campus de Silicon Valley compuesto de 4 edificios de oficinas clase A, ubicados dentro del prestigioso Stanford Research Park. Caracterizado por la innovación, este campus con forma de parque de seis acres, se encuentra rodeado por las empresas más dinámicas del mundo. 

One of its main attractions is its location in the heart of the city of Palo Alto and a few meters from the most relevant gastronomic and commercial services of the site. As part of the architectural renovation of the campus, we have developed the signage system for the property, in tune with the landscape design of the park. Features of the natural environment are recovered for the development of the weave that makes up the aluminum pieces. The main objective of this project was to guide and show the visitor the way, providing a positive and clear experience in their interaction with the space.

Wayfinding & Signage:
Inplace for Lux Create™

Billy Purta / Inplace Lux Create™

Producción & Instalación:
Corporate Sign Systems

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