In the projection of branding par excellence, the design project of graphic ambience and signage for Santander Banl, had as a premise breaking with a neutral framework conceived from the materiality by the interior architecture project, establishing counterpoints, accents and a compositional rhythm that projects in a precise and direct way the main attributes of the brand - simple, personal, fair - enhancing the personality and corporate character of the space.

The operative plants in the interior space propose the experience of an infinite space where the margins are diluted and the exterior merges with the interior, emphasized from the light proposal, both natural and artificial, and the brightness of the white and neutral surfaces that dress the inside.

In this direction, the design project would have the main function of revealing, promoting, accentuating and fostering the diverse use of spaces; and it should do so in a vital and friendly discursive register -as well as corporate- aligned with the trademark character.

For the project, we have developed exclusive and original resources that add entity to the communication and setting proposal and go on to form essential aspects of the brand character that is projected in the physical space. The design of the iconography combines features of the typography associated with structural features of the signage pieces, in an intentional conceptual anchor.

Las tramas desarrolladas presentan una gran ductilidad, atendiendo los requerimientos de escala y adaptabilidad que demanda el proyecto, pudiendo adoptar a su vez formas diversas en relación a los usos y requerimientos funcionales, permitiendo moderar la permeabilidad visual de las salas y áreas. Posee a su vez la cualidad de poder ser reproducida en diversos materiales -vinilo translúcido, opaco, madera, metal perforado- permitiendo su empleo en ocasiones diversas y usos particulares, no solo con un destino funcional sino también ambientador y caracterizador de espacios.

The main guidelines of this project have been determined by the cleanliness of resources and the austerity associated with brand attributes -simple, fair-. The use of full color planes, the choice of noble materials for the reproducibility of the pieces, and the deep respect for the architectural language are the most notable variables of the proposal.

The respect for the architectural proposal is expressed with greater emphasis at the level of the exterior facades, in the identification of the various entrances to the building. Using the corporate color as the main identifier, chromatic accents are generated on the facades that, associated to the structures defined from the architecture, demarcate the entrances, while accompanying the iconic character of the building and emphasizing its personality.

Environmental Graphics Design Inplace
Signage & Wayfinding Inplace
Architecture and interior design Urgell Penedo Urgell
Photography Inplace & Daniela Mac Adden

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