Lux Create™ by inplace

The Environmental Graphic Design for the offices of Urban Catalyst, a real estate development company in the Bay Area of CA, pursued the premise to project the young spirit of its founders in the workspaces, and the potential of expansion of the company as a provider of business opportunities in the real estate industry. 

The general look & feel of the space is conceived from a reduced palette of cold tones; giving priority to blues, grays and a great presence of white -embracing corporate colors - with themes and a classic illustration style rooted in the industry. Illustrations depict the business areas and opportunities zones in which Urban Catalyst operates and a city skyline that houses the offices.

Interior design Swenson Interiors
Environmental Graphics Design: Inplace for Lux Create™
Illustrations: Inplace for Lux Create™
Photography: Billy Purta for Lux Create™
Production and Installation: Corporate Sign Systems

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